Agriculture in the Hudson Valley

The soils, climate, and topography of the Hudson Valley are well suited for fruit production. Despite increasing urbanization, the Hudson Valley supports more than 500 fruit and vegetable farms that occupy more than 18,000 acres. Farmgate revenues at these farms exceeded $105 mnysillion in 2007. Ulster County has the second largest apple crop among all counties in New York State.

The lower Hudson Valley encompasses several river-bottom and black-dirt regions that support a concentration of sweet corn and onion farms. Fresh-market sweet corn is produced in the Roundout and Wallkill River Valleys.To the south in Orange County, organic soils created by an ancient lake now support black-dirt farms that encompass 5000 acres ideally suited for producing onions and other vegetable crops.

Many farms market directly to consumers via U-pick, farm stands, and farmers markets in New York City and other towns and cities.