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Peter J. Jentsch

Peter J. Jentsch
Station Director                                                                                                  Senior Extension Associate
Department of Entomology
E-Mail: pjj5@cornell.edu; Ph.  (W) 845.691.7151 (Cell) 845.417.7465

Jentsch Lab WebSite

Research and extension efforts on pome fruit, small fruit, grape and  onion has been to study the efficacy of newly developed pest management tools on newly emerging invasive insects and native insect pest complex. Employing them in a cost-effective, environmentally sound approach provides fruit growers with the knowledge to improve insect pest management strategies. Pest management at  Jentsch Lab Blog Site

DSC_7334_21250Dr. Srdjan Acimovic
Extension Associate
Department of Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology Research
E-Mail: acimovic@cornell.edu;  Ph.  (W) 845.691.7231

Acimovic Lab Blog Site

Dr. Srdjan Acimovic is a  tree fruit plant pathologist at the Hudson Valley Research Laboratory. Srdjan accepted the position  replacing Dr. Dave Rosenberger, retiring in February 2014. Srdjan recently completed his PhD program at Michigan State University Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences.

Dana Acimovic
Research Support Specialist
Department of Entomology
E-Mail: dda42@cornell.edu

With the Entomology Department, Dana’s research and extension concentration is on innovative grape, apple, and stone fruit production in Eastern New York.



Dr. David A. Rosenberger

David A. Rosenberger
Professor Emeritus of Plant Pathology
Hudson Valley Laboratory
E-Mail:  dar22@cornell.edu

Rosenberger WebSite.

As Plant Pathologist at Cornell University’s Hudson Valley Laboratory in Highland, NY, Dr. Rosenberger’s research program focused on finding immediate solutions to disease problems on tree fruits. Field tests were conducted each year to evaluate new fungicides and management strategies for apple diseases. Fungicides were evaluated for effectiveness against apple scab, powdery mildew, rust diseases, sooty blotch, flyspeck, black rot, and bitter rot. Research reports and outreach can be found on Rosenberger Blog Site.