Program Highlights


Plant Pathology research under the direction of Srdjan Acimovic

  • Plant disease diagnostics
  • Fungicide and bactericide efficacy trials in the field and in vitro
  • Evaluation of classic and novel management options for post-harvest apple pathogens
  • Development of new strategies and programs for plant disease management
  • Survival, physiology, and population dynamics of fire blight bacterium Erwinia amylovora under stress conditions and during overwintering
  • Plant defense responses (gene expression and defense compound accumulation)
  • Population structure and fungicide resistance of fungal apple pathogens

Extension Activities:

  • Acimovic Lab Extension Blog  provides outreach by timely disseminating disease management information in fruit tree and grapevine diseases
  • Extension outreach presentations (Link)
  • Efficacy trials – test and compare efficacy of novel and established fungicides and bactericides in managing tree fruit diseases (Link)
  • Facebook page for delivering both extension and research activities to the wider public

EntomologyPeter  research under the direction of Peter  Jentsch

  • Extension blog  outreach disseminating timely insect pest management information in fruit and vegetable. (Link)
  • Extension outreach presentations. (Link)
  • Yearly scouting observations and historical weather data (Link)
  • Test and compare novel insecticide tools to determine their effectiveness in managing the tree fruit pest complex . (Link)
  • Use video field reporting as an effective extension outreach tool for producers to use in pest management decision making. (Link)
  • Stink bug management on apple and pear in NY State. (pdf)
  • Study organic pest management for Hudson Valley apple production (pdf).
  • Develop organic pest management protocols for Hudson Valley pear production. (pdf)
  • Hudson Valley grape berry moth management using reduced risk insecticide programs.

Horticultural Science

Horticulture  Under  Dana Acimovic
(Horticulturalist / Viticulturalist)

  • Developing and testing cultural practices in orchard management systems for improving fruit yield and quality.
  • Field testing apple and grape  varieties and rootstocks in the Hudson Valley.
  • Improving  fruit quality through cultural practices.
  • Using growth regulators to improve yield, fruit quality, to encourage return bloom and manage tree vigor.
  • Optimize nutritional applications for improved fruit quality and yield.
  • Evaluating management strategies of sunburn on Honeycrisp.
  • Vineyard Recommendations of Hudson Valley Wine Grape Site Selection

Plant Pathology research under the direction of Dr. Rosenberger (Emeritus Professor; Retired)Dave

  • Extension blogs on fungicides and new spray-timing strategies for controlling fungal diseases on apples and pears
  • Extension blogs on the  interactions between fungicides and pathogen biology that will enable more efficient control flyspeck and sooty blotch diseases on apples
  • Extension blogs on better methods for controlling spread of fire blight during summer; prevent apple decays that develop after harvest by optimizing our understanding of sanitation, fungicides and pathogen biology and  the impact of tomato ringspot virus and X-disease on decline and mortality of stone fruit trees grown on new rootstocks.

More detailed information is available in pdf reports:                                                                                       
Summary of Research and Extension Activities for 2013 – 2015

Summary of Research and Extension Activities for 2011 and 2012

Summary of Research/Extension Activities at the Hudson Valley Laboratory 2009-2019

Summary of Research and Extension Activities for 2008

Summary of Research and Extension Activities for 2006 and 2007

Summary of Research and Extension Activities for 1999

Research/Extention/IPM Activity Report, 1993